New Radio Show “Fighting For Justice” Features In-Depth Legal Analysis’ & Covers Today’s Top Courtroom Headlines

  • Kuzyk Law’s “Fighting for Justice” is intended to engage listeners and provide a much deeper discussion on current court cases that pique public interest.” Said Attorney Reid Breitman, of Kuzyk Law, LLP.
  • Summary:“Fighting for Justice” is a new legal radio program hosted by Attorneys Reid Breitman, Robert Ryan, and Mark Leonardo of Los Angeles based, Kuzyk Law, LLP.

    New Radio Show “Fighting For Justice” Features In-Depth Legal Analysis’ & Covers Today’s Top Courtroom Headlines

    “Fighting for Justice” is a new legal radio program hosted by Attorneys Reid Breitman, Robert Ryan, and Mark Leonardo of Los Angeles based, Kuzyk Law, LLP. The show features in depth analysis on topics such as Jim Carrey’s wrongful death lawsuit, Telsa autopilot legal troubles, and so much more.

    The show can be heard both on iTunes and BlogTalkRadio

    “Kuzyk Law’s “Fighting for Justice” is intended to engage listeners and provide a much deeper discussion on current court cases that pique public interest.” Said Attorney Reid Breitman, of Kuzyk Law, LLP. “There are also entertainment aspects as well as we discuss these cases in a conversational way that the average person can relate to.”

    Previous guests on “Fighting for Justice” have included: Jane Velez-Mitchell (award winning journalist at HLN and best selling author), Beth Karas (award wining legal journalist at CNN), Vinnie Parco (former star of Court TV’s “Parco P.I.), and others.

    In addition to presenting comprehensive analysis on the top four weekly legal headlines and interviewing a featured guest, “Fighting for Justice” also presents “Reid’s Rant” – a sharp observational perspective by Attorney Reid Breitman.

    Founded in 1971, Kuzyk Law ( handles thousands of personal injury cases each year and is dedicated to fighting for victims of auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, commercial truck accidents, slips, falls, dog bites, pedestrian or bike accidents, burns and other personal injuries.

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    Affordable Expanded Chrome Tools for Special Ed Students

  • “We have a very tight budget and with Premier Tools we can still accommodate our students.” Said K Sullivan “but the real selling point was that the students could use the tools on their home computer with no extra charge.”
  • Summary:Premier Chrome Toolbar is a robust toolbox of affordable assistive technologies that helps students with reading and writing. Students will have access to the tools they need in the class room and at home. Premier makes Google for Education accessible to those students with literacy challenges.

    With the expanding presence of Google Chrome in today’s classrooms, Premier Literacy’s Toolbar for Google Chrome 2.0 is not only an ideal low-cost solution for students that require learning accommodations, but also provides powerful learning tools that are well-suited for ALL students in the Chrome environment. With the recent addition of the Talking Pointer and Talking Word Processor, Premier’s Toolbar for Google Chrome now includes 7 powerful literacy applications that can be used for a multitude of daily tasks and assignments in the digital classroom. The new Premier Chrome literacy suite also includes Dictation, Word Prediction, Writing Analytics and Dictionary features in multiple tools.

    Premier Literacy once again demonstrates its vast experience from over 15 years of designing and developing assistive technology. The Premier Toolbar for Chrome is the latest in a proven history of task-orientated learning tools being used at all levels in schools across the U.S. and Canada, including K-12 and post-secondary institutions. The Premier Toolbar Extension is a convenient way to access all of the Premier Literacy Tools for Google Chrome.  

    With an easy-to-use license from Premier, you’ll be able to use any of these tools across multiple platforms such as Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs from anywhere using the Chrome browser. Using only a single login, you can quickly gain access to any of these applications: One Click Reader, One Click Dictionary, One Click Summary, One Click Dictation, Worksheet Wizard, Talking Word Processor and Talking Pointer. The following quick recap briefly highlights the benefits of these tools.

    One Click Reader: To have any text read aloud with highlighted tracking, simply select text from any webpage or document and click the Reader icon. You can even change the voice, the speaking rate, and other personalized reading features.

     One Click Dictionary: Definitions at your fingertips! Select any word from text you are viewing and click the Dictionary icon to get the definition or have it read aloud to you. You can even speak to the Dictionary and have it look up any word!! In fact, speaking to your Dictionary can go far beyond traditional word prediction. The One Click Dictionary also combines the power of a Thesaurus and Interlink vocabulary for superior writing assistance. 

    One Click Dictation: Why type when you can just talk? One Click Dictation is one of our newest and most exciting features that actually lets you talk instead of type! In fact, there’s no need to “train” it for your voice. This is just as powerful as those “expensive” Speech-To-Text applications, but without the expensive price. With outstanding accuracy, One Click Dictation even handles different spellings for U.S. and Canadian English. You can proofread your dictated text aloud and copy it into any other application such as email, word processing or an online forum such as social media!

     Worksheet Wizard: As the name implies, Worksheet Wizard is a great tool for working with any type of worksheet including tests, quizzes, homework and even special forms. Simply access PDF files from any source (including scanners or phone apps) and load them into Worksheet Wizard. Flexible capabilities allow you to have text read aloud to you; edit text; copy and paste graphics; add annotations; and the save your changes directly to the PDF file. It includes robust word prediction and even has the ability to use dictation for text input to any part of a document.

     One Click Summary: If you need to focus on the most important information in an article, Premier’s unique Summary technology is the tool for you. Select any amount of text from a passage and within seconds you can have the summarized version of the text read aloud to you. One Click Summary makes quick work of studying and research involving large amounts of information.

    Talking Pointer: The popular Premier Talking Pointer is great for reading web content. It converts your mouse pointer into a reading tool – simply point and listen.

     Talking Word Processor: The Talking Word Processor is a comprehensive word processor that can handle a wide variety of document types, including PDF files. It includes word prediction, spell check, content summarization, built-in dictation, and an integrated dictionary / thesaurus.

    FREE TRIAL. So you can judge for yourself, we offer a free 30-day the Premier Toolbar for Chrome.

    Go to the Premier Literacy website at and following the instructions to visit the Google Chrome Store to download the Toolbar and setup your own account. 

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    Long-term Care Facilities Excited by CAREQ-ENS, a New Emergency Communication Service.

  • CAREQ-ENS, a new communication service that provides the ability to communicate with all staff within minutes. The need for fast, efficient and accurate communication during an emergency is crucial.
  • Summary:Long-term Care Facilities Excited by CAREQ-ENS, a New Emergency Communication Service.

    Long-term care facilities across Atlantic Canada are excited by CAREQ-ENS, a new communication service that provides the ability to communicate with all staff within minutes.  The need for fast, efficient and accurate communication during an emergency is crucial.  Coordination and mobilization of staff in long- term care facilities must be quick and efficient in emergency situations.  CAREQ provides fast two-way communication that allows administrators of long-term care facilities to communicate with all staff in a matter of minutes. 
    CAREQ-ENS is a communication service comprised of voice, text and email technologies.  It provides control of communication, ensuring efficient and effective communication in multiple ways.   It can be used to contact all facility staff at one time or specific staff organized into groups; it can be used to contact family and next-of-kin; and it can be used to connect with community partners.  CAREQ also allows recipients to provide verification of response; and, both communication and responses are trackable.  CAREQ saves time, energy and resources by expediting communication while increasing the effectiveness of that communication. 
    The idea that eventually evolved into CAREQ came when a fire marshal (and user of the FIREQ communication service) and long-term care facility administrator started to discuss how emergency communications and planning could be improved.  Like firefighters, care facility staff and partners need to mobilize quickly and efficiently, with as much information as possible.  CAREQ is the solution that emerged from those first discussions that started with “what if we could…?”.  CAREQ provides administrators with multiple layers of communication and verification of action from responders.  It ensures time is spent where it matters most. 
    Administrators from care facilities first learned about CAREQ at a meeting of professionals dedicated to the special emergency planning required for long-term care facilities.  As more facilities adopt the new communication system, its value as a communication tool grows.  Cheryl Deveaux, Administrator of the Cove Guest Home, says “CAREQ offers peace of mind that the Cove Guest Home is prepared to respond to an emergency situation in an expedient and efficient manner, where time can hold the balance between life and death.
    Breton SmarTek is a Nova Scotia-based technology company that is driven by uncompromised ingenuity, local strength, and global expertise.  Drawing upon more than 80 years of collective technology experience, the Breton SmarTek team is fusing industry standard and commercially available technologies to serve the unique communication needs of multiple industries.


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    Jeffrey Phillips of Phoenix Law Firm Sets A New Record For Handling Overtime Cases In 2016

    Summary:Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC settles a record $3.0 million overtime case in 2016.

    Phillip Dayes‚ the leading law firm specializing in providing justice for victims of workplace discrimination has settled $3.0 million worth overtime cases in 2016 alone. The law firm which is known for their sharp legal acumen has been fighting cases of cheating of employees by unscrupulous employers for many years now with an impressive record of success.

    “We are delighted to announce that we have been able to successfully settle overtime case worth a huge $3 million in 2016‚” says the spokesperson for the company. “We have been making employees aware of their rightful claim to overtime pay. Our experienced lawyers are familiar with the usual tricks that employers use to deny workers the right wages for their efforts.”

    Over the years‚ Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC has emerged as the best legal resource for employees battling overtime lawsuits. According to the legal hawk eyes of the firm‚ workers are entitled to certain rights including the right to overtime pay to the  tune of 1.5 times of their hourly wages if they work for more than 40 hours in a work week.

    Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC is a firm believer in the philosophy of offering top quality legal services and combining it with the all the resources needed to protect the rights of workers. They are experts in employment law and have been representing the rights of employees in Arizona, Utah, and California for many years now.

    The employment law specialists are acknowledged as the best in this area of law and have the experience‚ knowledge, and passion required to tackle even complex cases with ease. They have helped many workers fight for the fair compensation and have provided justice to those who have been wronged by their employers.

    Defending the rights of mistreated employees is what the law firm has been focusing on for many years now. Their experience helps them understand the unique concerns associated with this area of law so that they can address these concerns better. The expert lawyers at Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC believe that clients deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect. They make it a point to know each client on a personal level and understand the circumstances for which they are seeking specialized legal assistance.

    Apart from being experienced overtime lawsuit attorneys‚ the employment law attorneys also deal with cases related to employment discrimination‚ debt harassment‚ and dangerous drugs.

    This allows us to help our clients make educated decisions about the proceedings that will affect their lives, and we feel that this is the determining factor that has led to our success.

    For more information‚ visit

    About Phillips Dayes Law Firm PC:
    The Phillips Dayes Law Firm is committed to helping all those who have been injured by the actions of another in the state of Arizona. The personal injury attorneys at the Phillips Law Group have a wealth of knowledge and experience in auto injury claims, premises liability, dangerous drug litigation, medical malpractice and product liability claims.

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    Pope Says Trump Not a Christian; Bible says Pope Not a Christian, but Catholics May Be OK

  • “God sees the end from the beginning.” Isaiah 46:10
  • Summary:“The Bible implies that anyone following truth to the best of their ability is following Christ because He said, ‘I am the Truth.’ The problem comes with religions that don’t teach Bible truth or they change it to suit culture and their own practices,” says Dr. Richard Ruhling, Bible prophecy author, adding that in the end, Christ who loves everyone is judge, but He said that many who are religious are self-deceived.

    Ruhling offers five clues to identify the papacy in each of three Bible prophecy chapters. In the only book Christ recommended when asked about the end of the world, the four major kingdoms of the world are identified as fierce beasts of prey—typical of human government, like our interventions in Iraq, Libya and now Syria, a country whose citizens like their leader, but the US can’t mind its business.

    1.     The little horn that grew out of the 4th dragon-like beast in Daniel 7:7,8 represented the papacy that grew out of the Roman Empire.

    2.     The papacy uprooted three of 10 horns that represented the Vandals, Ostrogoths and Heruli which it conquered. The 10 tribes roamed Europe as the Roman Empire fell.

    3.     The little horn had “a mouth speaking great things…against the Most High” verses 8,25. One of the pope’s official titles is “Lord God the Pope.” (Google)

    4.     The little horn made “war with the saints and prevailed,” Dan 7:21. Historians says 50-80 million Christians were martyred during the Dark Ages when one of the most exalted forms of worship was the ‘Auto de Fe’—Act of Faith which was the burning of non-Catholic heretics at the stake.

    5.     “He shall…think to change times and laws.” Rome boasts of the authority from church councils to change the day of worship from Sabbath to Sunday that most Protestants honor, and it also deleted the 2nd Commandment forbidding images and divided commandment 10 into two to maintain 10—commandments that were written in stone by the finger of God, Exod 31:18. God says He does not change. Mal 3:6.

    Daniel 7 imagery had a lion, bear, leopard and dragon representing Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia and Rome. The 13th chapter of Revelation written for our time; shows the papal follow-up of those beasts:

    1.     That beast has a mouth like a lion, feet like a bear, looks like a leopard and has 7 heads and 10 horns—the total from Daniel 7 as the papacy assimilated and survived those kingdoms.

    2.     It comes out of the sea. Waters represent “peoples and multitude and nations,” Rev 17:15. The papacy arose from the densely populated Old World.

    3.     The beast had a deadly wound by a sword, verses 3,14. The Bible is like a sword, Heb 4, and the Protestant Reformation with the Bible was a deadly wound and Napoleon capturing the pope.

    4.     “The deadly wound healed,” verse 4. Protestants have ceased protesting as they seek unity.

    5.     “All the world wondered after the beast…and worshipped the beast,” verses 3,4. While most people would deny they worship this beast, worship is ‘worth-ship’ and much worth is given it.

    The 17th of Revelation offers final insight to the papacy. Its verses correspond to these numbers:

    1.     “The great whore that sits on many waters.” Waters represent peoples and nations; verse 15.

    2.    “With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication.” An unfaithful church involved in politics and governments to pursue her cause by trying to force people like with Sunday laws (Dies Domini and Laudato Si’) to honor her false teachings.

    3.     The woman is riding the image beast or look-alike from Revelation 13:14. New World Order via UN will look like the Old World Order because it will have the pope riding or guiding the NWO.

    4.     “The woman was arrayed in…scarlet (color worn by cardinals) and decked with gold (wealthy)

    5.     “Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots.” Rome is the mother church. (

    6.     “Drunken with the blood of saints.” Many millions of martyrs as seen above.

    7.    “The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits.” Rome is known as a city of seven hills.

    Revelation’s 18th chapter issues a call to come out of Babylon which includes all false systems like medical care’s use of pharmakeia, the Greek word in verse 23. Babylon’s confused systems include perverted education that strips children of moral home teaching. Government with unfair laws and religions not based on Scripture are all included in the call to come out of Babylon to avoid the plagues that will fall on most of the world that give worth-ship to the final beast, NWO.

    Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. His book, The Alpha & Omega Bible Code has mostly five star reviews on Amazon and no-charge this Wednesday or accessed from his website,

    He offers more information at and may be contacted for interviews at

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    PageQ is a new Breakthrough technology for First Responders

  • PageQ addresses one of the most common problems for First responders, “missed pages”. PageQ is system that captures either an audio page or an electronic text page from emergency Dispatch Centers and re-broadcasts the page to all members of an Fire Department via any combination of phone calls, text messages and emails. With PAGEQ-DRS, first responders are better able to meet the increasingly time-critical challenges, responsibilities and expectations of the communities that they serve.
  • Summary:Dispatch page capture / forward technology with member response is becoming an essential requirement for all responders. PageQ gives us advantages we can’t find anywhere else”.

    Thuh Company, a leader in emergency messaging systems, has released the PageQ-DRS, Dispatch Relay Service, to address one of the most common problems for emergency responders, “missed pages”.  PageQ is system that captures either an audio page or an electronic text page from emergency Dispatch Centers and re-broadcasts the page to all members of an emergency response department via any combination of phone calls, text messages and emails.

    Frequently, many emergency responders, especially volunteers, do NOT receive an emergency page in the first place. Volunteer first responders often work other jobs, which may take them out of range for their pagers or into areas (e.g. such as a business meeting or warehouse) where they have the pager turned off, or worse, completely forget their pager.  In many rural areas, pagers can fail because of terrain or distance.  Of course, missed pages mean “no response”!

    Cellular networks have better coverage and a longer range than pagers. But when departments use PageQ, they always get the page. Now using PageQ as a relay tool, responders can still be in virtually any location and receive vital emergency page information that they would have missed entirely.

    PageQ’s advanced features enable either audio messages or text-based messages to be relayed.  First responders can choose to receive the page via any or all of the three communication methods: Phone Call, Text Message, or Email. They can even direct the phone call to a land line and the text messages to a cell phone. If the message is received by PageQ in a text format, PageQ uses a high-quality text-to-speech-voice program to read the message directly to the first responder over the phone.

    Another unique advantage of PageQ is that members can respond so command personnel know who is available for an incident.  Using only simple key commands on their phone (or other mobile device), members can press 1 if they are responding to the call (3 if they are not) or they can press 7 if they are responding directly to the scene. With old paging technology, once a page is transmitted over the air waves, it is gone forever. If it is captured with PageQ, the audio or text-based information is sent via a text message and can be viewed or listened to as many times as necessary. 

    PageQ technologies are designed with the very latest leading-edge communications and data technologies to ensure the uptime and system integrity demanded by emergency services. Using industry-standard equipment (Windows PC’s and all major smart phones means that no special equipment is required.  Affordability is key in today’s world, and PageQ’s economical price is much lower than similar products that have fewer features.  That puts it within reach of all emergency response departments. 

    PageQ installation is simple with little to no interaction required between Dispatch Centers and departments.  Thuh Company works directly with departments for installation so you can be up and running in quickly. 


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    World Nation Live Entertainment/Clearwave Telecommunications – Promotes Prince Nnamdi Adigwu to Managing Director of Africa

    Summary:Prince Nnamdi Gives Us the Boost We Need to Break into The African Entertainment Market.

    LAS VEGAS, NV — 10/3/16 — Clearwave Telecommunications, Inc. (OTC PINK:CWTC) and World Nation Live Entertainment, Inc. announces the appointment of Prince Nnamdi Adigwu. World Nation Entertainment Inc. is expanding globally as we enter the African market,

    Prince Nnamdi

    Darryl Payne, President & CEO, says, “I see Africa as an exciting major leap for us. We have already signed many recording artist living in Africa. Prince Nnamdi has arranged and coordinated these deals on our company’s behalf. World Nation’s music label is set to release new music this month with music videos.  Announcements of our music releases are forthcoming shortly. Prince. Nnamdi has worked with us since June of 2016.  He will report directly to Darryl Payne.

    World Nation Live Entertainment, Inc. website showcases our experienced team and its corporate strategy.

    Clearwave Telecommunications, Inc. has requested a name change to World Nation Live Entertainment, Inc. A symbol change to be advised upon completion of appropriate filings with FINRA. We are currently in the process of catching up on all required outstanding reporting.

    World Nation Live Entertainment acquires rights in the following categories: Music, Movie, Film Libraries, Radio Stations, TV Stations, Representation of Celebrities Estates, and TV Show Rights.

    Safe Harbor Statement: This press release contains forward-looking statements, including expected industry patterns and other financial and business results that involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements to differ materially from results expressed or implied by this press release. Actual results may differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements in this press release. Since this information may contain statements that involve risk and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, the company’s actual results may differ materially from expected results.

    Clearwave Telecommunications, Inc.

    702 721 9915


    Investor Relations:


    858 886 7237

    858 886 7238

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